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Another Brick In The Wall

Today was a very exciting day for several reasons: In Trench 6 we managed to reveal the wall we could vaguely make out within the rubble. Removing all the excess rubble began to show the wall in all its glory. Even though we could tell from the geophysics that there was something that resembled a wall there, it was comforting and thrilling to expose it. I have to admit the highlight of my day was finding a Roman Coin! Ahh! At the beginning of the dig my personal aim was to find one… and now that task is complete! I think my next aim is to find a ring - fingers crossed! Finally in Trench 5 we have been removing all the loose rubbly material and topsoil to expose the back wall of the building. We have a lot more rubble clearing to come, but hopefully another beautiful front-facing stone wall will emerge. There has also been a lot of pottery found at the bottom of Trench 5; this possibly relates to some sort of pit feature around that area visible on the geophysics but it may be too early to tell.

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