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Welcome to Bagendon 2015!

Recent fieldwork at the Bagendon Oppidum has revealed a landscape in a fantastic amount of detail. The large scale geophysical survey across the landscape (to be completed this year) has revealed the extent of the occupation in the valley and the locations of two, previously unknown, banjo-like enclosures at Cutham and Scrubditch. Excavations at Cutham and Scrubditch have shown the area to have been a hub of activity since at least the Middle Iron Age. By contrast the current excavations appear to show the afterlife of the monument, beyond the heyday of the 1st century AD.

Landscape studies around Bagendon have shown intimate relationships with nearby and contemporary sites such as Ditches and Duntisbourne (only a few km away) as well as extended trade networks.

With the discovery of two Roman coins and some impressive walls in just the first days of the 2015 season, our knowledge of the site looks set to grow still further, and with it our knowledge of the British Iron Age as a whole.

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